About Us

Dynathrone is an engineering consultancy firm located in Toronto, Canada. With extensive experience in technical solution development using a wide range of technologies, we can help your organization to evaluate, design, develop and implement highly efficient, cost-effective and performance-driven software, website and web applications.

We have years of experience in the field of Software and web application development. We are also experienced in the exciting world of RFID Solutions including specialized tag and antenna design, RFID tag encoding solution and to RFID middle ware deployment.

Dynathrone management team consists of excellent blend of technology, business and experience which provides direction to the young and enthusiastic team members. Our engineering focused capabilities aim specifically to improve each of your organization’s processes, procedures, workflow productivity and include:

  • Process design, improvement and process re-engineering
  • Software design, Implementation and Integration with other systems
  • Organizational effectiveness assessment and alignment
  • Customized Systems and application Development

Dynathrone has successfully delivered dozens of software projects, our consultant engineers usually act as technical lead and solution architect. Our team work in high-level technical environment and collaborates with our clients in the process of conceptualizing  new solutions. We always tracks industry-wide global developments to find potential ways Dynathrone can grow.


RFP Development and Evaluationserach-engine-optimization-marketing-toronto-gta-york

Other examples for our projects include technical RFP development with evaluation criteria that contains the project requirements and other factors such as time and costings. These preliminary criteria are used to assess the general viability of the project.

Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies

We are can provide expertise in software product development specially design and demonstration of the key project requirements using off the shelf system components. Regulatory and standards compliant methods are used even at this early stage of the process to ensure the success of the project. For RFID projects, the potential impact of the RFID deployment on current processes and operations are also evaluated.

Let’s talk

We don’t really mind to talk to you over the phone, specially now during this  physical distancing era. We of course can always meet over a cup of coffee  in a post Covid era.