toronto rfid tag reader middleware

There are generally two conventional methods for transferring field data to the enterprise system, Online and Offline (also referred to as Centralized and De-Centralized).  In Offline data transfer method, work orders are uploaded to the handheld terminal and operational data is transferred back to the enterprise system using docking stations, whereas in the online model the […]


RFID technology provides non line of sight identification and has a high data transmission rate. RFID tags are available in many form factors and can withstand harsh environments.  They can have storage for up to 32 Mb and can retain data for many years. They provide reasonable security mechanism and can be disabled (using KILL […]


Who’s Calling? Characterizing Robocalls through Audio and Metadata Analysis Unsolicited phone calls (Robocalls ) are a long-standing problem  and still plaguing people and organizations, there is no day is gone where people receive unsolicited  duct cleaning calls, calls related to tax and Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) accounts and many more. Now a group of researchers […]


Some time ago a start-up company, scraped billions of online photos to build a tool for the police that could lead them from a face to a Facebook account, revealing a person’s identity. Researchers have now developed algorithms and tools to foil those systems. University of Chicago’s SAND Lab has now developed Fawkes, an algorithm […]


The zoom Video conferencing platform is go-to solution for many Canadian small business and Canadian families, specially in larger cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and all other cities where businesses are closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic started in the beginning of 2020. The Wordfence team have published a short guide on improving […]


Canadian laboratory test provider LifeLabs reveals the personal information and potentially other information such as names, logins, passwords,  dates of births and health card numbers of an unknown number of the company’s 15 million Canadian customers may have been stolen in a data breach known to the company sometimes in October 2019. There is also […]