In order to truly transform your company, you need to build your software solutions on a solid platform that are aligned with your strategic direction and business goals. Developing a solid foundation requires understanding your business inside and out by those who are designing and building the software for your organization. Most software engineers, project managers and technical people does not have business and industry background, therefore as you may have noticed many projects are not on time and budget.

The solution is to develop your requirements using business analysts that put effort into knowing your business inside and out. With a combination of what our team learn from your organizations’s operations with industry’s best practice, our team can develop a set of requirements that truly reflect  your business operations and is future proof.

Our Business Analysts provide real and tangible values to our clients rather than taking the the textbook approach or just a template.

Business Analysis or Business Systems Analysis is an important aspect of every IT project.  The success and failure of a project is directly related to the quality of work and the expertise, skill and cross-industry knowledge of the Business Analyst (BA). This is due to the fact that business analysts are  the only liaison between business, functional and technical stakeholders of each project.


Toronto-small-business-ready-made-software-solutionsWhy Do I Need Business Analysts?

You need business analyst if one or more of the following are true:

  • New business opportunities have been identified
  • New technology can help to drive business opportunities
  • Existing workflow and procedures are not efficient any more
  • Identified changes in current business model or strategy
  • Need to respond or react to changes in your industry or market
  • New intellectual property has been identified or captured
  • You must comply to new legislative or regulatory changes
  • Identified opportunities to reduce operating cost


Our Business Analysis Approach

Our service is designed to help you to better understand your business and to deliver real, measurable benefits using a series of actions including:

  • Planning: develop requirement management plans and requirement change management plans and traceability matrix
  • Elicitation – working with stakeholders through meetings or workshops to identify and understand their needs and concerns.
  • Analysis – Requirement prioritization, examining AS-IS and To-Be requirements and evaluating business models
  • Process and data modelling – building business models that clearly show your organizations future potential.
  • Documentation – assessing business scenarios, including functional and non-functional requirements, business process flow, key business data and the business rules. 
  • Issue and risk management – identifying project issues and risks and advising on resolutions.
  • Business Case Development; Develope Use cases, test scenarios & scripts
  • Technical Advise: Providing technical expertise; Advise in system design & architecture and Provide subject matter expertise in your industry.
  • Change Management: Requirement change management; Evaluating changes and updates to source production systems.


requirements analysis approach babok


What we can do for you?

Dynathrone has developed a business analysis consulting model based on the BABOK (Business Analysis Book Of Knowledge) and employs many business Analysts with diverse cross-industry expertise who could understand requirements of any industry.

Our Business Analysts analyze and organize the requirements gathered based on the known approach such as BABOK and will convey these requirements and complexities to the technical people for building your business application. These requirements can also be used for creating test scenarios, test plans and use cases to thoroughly test your application.

Our analysts will deliver consulting services with utmost accuracy and reliability in terms of requirements trace-ability, budget, time, scope and clarity as well as ensure that everything is documented and traced.

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