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For businesses to achieve tangible results and advance in their industry, developing customized web applications is the path to excellence.
For every custom web application the factors include efficiency, speed, security, scalability, flexibility, uniqueness to address the functionality and optimization required for handling day-to-day business operations.

Systematically identifying opportunities for your business to run more efficiently and to save operational cost, is exactly what we do in Dynathrone.

Web application development is traditionally a complicated process and goes far beyond just code and programming. Understanding your business objectives and trying to deliver users with the best possible experience should be the focus of every development team. Developing a custom made web application that is tailored to your needs and  achieve your business goals starts with a product and project plan.


Custom Web Application

Developing custom Web Application that streamlines business workflows from ground up and according to the business requirements is the popular method to increase office efficiency.

Social Networking Web Application

Social Networking Web Application is a trend and leading paradox for many businesses. It provide direct and result driven communication with potential
visitors and customers on the internet.

Custom E-Commerce Application

Having a virtual store for business is nothing that can be compromised as is expected from customers and clients. Ecommerce has numerous applications in various industry sectors such as Retail and Wholesale, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, online Auctions & purchasing, E-banking and many more.

How to know our website or application ideas are viable?

When you aren’t sure if your website or application idea works and is successful, there are ways we can help you to determine beforehand how viable your application idea is from a business standpoint and can save you money and time in the long run. Proof Of Concept (POC) & Minimum Viable Products (MVP) are ways to validate the assumption that people actually want your product or services or that your staff or clinet can benefits from the functionality offered in the software product.

An MVP is a version of a the application that has just enough features to stay viable but can be used to assess its feasibility. A proof-of-concept on the other hand is built to verify minor technical assumptions before getting down to the actual development and helps evaluating the tools and the platform.

online-pharmacy-website-development-torontoProof Of Concept (POC) & Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

To avoid unnecessary development and deployment costs, we usually suggest to build a Proof Of Concept (POC) initially to see is the product what you needed and and to actually measure its potential and the assess the technology used in developing the product which could be a Web or Mobile application. This helps to understand the application’s feasibility and identify the minimum required features. A Minimum Viable Products (MVP) is always the outcome of the proof of concept project and include only the basic set of features and functionality. The MVP allows you to learn how your target customers react to your product.




We are here to help

Building dedicated applications to address your day-to-day business challenges and giving you a high efficiency and robust platform to grow on is what every business owner in Toronto and GTA wants, and that is exactly what we deliver. We can build online solutions from eCommerce stores to the customer relationship management systems or healthcare clinic operation management systems and others in various  industry segments.

We offer guidance on technology, IT infrastructure, and improvements to existing systems to help you get the most value out of technology. You’ll work with our business analysts, technical architects, user experience professionals, and other specialists to come up with solutions to your business problems.

Discussing your needs

We will start by gaining a detailed understanding about your current business, existing operations and processes, challenges and your vision for the solution. We then provide ideas and constructively challenge your idea before establishing a strategy and providing a set of features for the solution that will best meet your needs. With the knowledge we have acquired from our discussions, we then prepare and present you with a formal proposal document which also includes estimated costings and timescales in line with our agreed terms of engagement.


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    Do you want to know how we can help your business? If you want an honest conversation about where your business needs to be in five years, and what kind of software, websites and applications you need to get there, book a consultation with our business transformation team today.

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