Ecommerce Search Engine Marketing (Ecommerce  SEO) is  a set of processes for the purpose of making an online store more visible in the search engines or as sometimes is referred as Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). As a business owner you want to rank as highly as possible and get more traffic when people are searching for products that you sell.local-search-engine-optimization-york-toronto

The goal of Ecommerce SEO is to bring great visibility, customer traffic to your online store  and to sales and revenues. By utilizing best SEO practices and product optimization for your target market, we can ensure that high-value shoppers are connected with your online business. Traffic to your site can come from paid search (PPC) however businesses owners usually prefer organic traffic though SEO as it costs much less and is not affected buy ad blockers, etc.

While website SEO usually address the website and focuses on its content, the Ecommerce SEO involves optimizing the product descriptions, product meta data, internal link structure and navigation for enriched search and user experience.


Why SEO for online commerce matters?

Because Ecommerce  SEO focuses to optimize and fulfill what consumers need when searching for a product or service. Today consumers perform Google searches to look for product options, product tips and wants product comparisons and other information to help them make an informed purchasing decisions.

E-commerce SEO is part of product marketing and it is usually built and executed on top of Website SEO solutions. It is common to create landing pages (product pages) for each product in your online store to draw traffic from search engines.

Optimize Product Pages

Product pages are the bread and butter of an online eCommerce business, therefore it not unusual to focus on optimizing  all products and products categories. We have seen many eCommerce business owners simply write a few lines of text for each of their product and attach an image or video.

An optimized product page needs more information so Google, Bin, Yahoo and other search engines can find them. The product name is important and in most cases used in the SEO title and URL of the product page.

Video and Image Optimization

Videos and images are an essential part of every product page, customers will more likely to buy a product from a site that clearly depicts the product from and properties.  The size and naming is also important when optimizing products for in an online store. Publishing YouTube is one of the grate ways to attract and educate potential customers about your products or services.

technical-support-service-staff-torontoCustomer Reviews

Reviews are crucial for to boost customer confidence in the product.

Product FAQ 

Customers have always one or two questions before they make a decision. You need to make sure to provide the answers and create confidence in their purchase.


Why do I need SEO for my online stores?

In today’s market,  opening an online shop is probably the first steps to making actual sales on your store. There exists many strategies enabling you to bring traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar shop, however one of the best long-term strategies by far is probably eCommerce search engine marketing.

Ecommerce SEO commonly involves tasks such as creating product page, optimizing page headlines, enhancing product descriptions and product meta tags, product category meta data optimization, internal link structure and navigational structure review and enhancement. 

So basically you need online store SEO optimization because:

Industry Standard

It is simply the Industry Standard, we can debate over the effectiveness of SEO as a promotion tool but data shows ignoring it will have huge impact on you online business specially if selling products or service is a fair portion of your online activities. You simple will be unable to compete with others within your industry and sharing the same market.

Traffic Increase

It is proven that that a properly managed search engine optimization strategy creates traffic and can increase the number of visitors to your website. thus increasing the product sale and depending on your conversion rate, you will see that your visitors are converted to new customers.

Reduced Overhead

It is no secret, that the traditional brick and mortar sales platforms and infrastructure usually costs much more in software, hardware and craftsmanship to maintain. While we do not recommend to rely exclusively on eCommerce, but having it as your primary sales platform will definitely saves your business lots of money.

Business Improvement

optimizing for eCommerce and online shopping usually touches many aspects of your business. It involves activities related to products, website enhancements, navigation optimization and enhancing user experience. Additionally your business process and workflows are impacted as you try to optimize you product or service delivery from your online operations.


Desktop vs Mobile Organic Traffic by Ecommerce Verticals

SEMrush discovered that for certain eCommerce verticals the percentage of organic traffic can vary.

Desktop performs well in:

  • Health is 60.65% of traffic
  • Furniture is 59.59% of traffic
  • Food/Nearfood is 58.75% of traffic
  • Children is 58.34% of traffic

Mobile performs well in:

  • Electronics is 44.78% of traffic
  • Jewelry is 44.7% of traffic
  • Travel is 44.11% of traffic
  • Flowers is 42.85% of traffic


How Toronto Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic?

While there aren’t a magic recipe for driving more shoppers to your online store, there a couple of things you should consider to start with. These includes:

  • Create most thorough question and answer for your products or services
  • Use high quality graphical assets such as high quality images and videos
  • Create videos for various use case scenarios for your  products or services
  • Ensure better user experience by optimizing website and mobile experience
  • Make sure people talk about your offerings and links to it

Fore more technical techniques on improving you online store, read on.


Key tactics for Ecommerce SEO strategy?

  • Product description & content optimization
  • Product Image Optimization
  • Product Markup Schema tags
  • Rich snippets optimization
  • On-Page SEO in meta tags and content
  • Technical SEO for efficient crawling
  • Category Pages SEO optimization
  • Brand Pages SEO optimization
  • Keyword (long tail) research and optimization
  • Product Canonicalization
  • Local SEO for organic traffic (brick and mortar stores).
  • Link Building authority improvement
  • SEO Measuring and analytic review
  • On-page Crawl error correction
  • Website Page Load Optimization
  • Site architecture enhancement (based on keyword research).


How much do ecommerce SEO services cost?

Prices for ecommerce SEO services depends on the the marketing company and their service models. It also depends on how many products you are marketing, the type of the products and the target market (local, national  or global).

At Dynathrone, our SEO services for ecommerce websites could start from $1,299 for initial optimization and there are subscription plans if our clients wants to maintain their online presence and ranking. There are of course custom pricing for larger online stores and .


How we can help?

Our team of highly experienced eCommerce SEO specialists in Toronto can help you to create an online product marketing strategy that is in line with your other other marketing efforts. Here are some the aspects our team can help you with:

  • Creating more leads to the website
  • Building a unique brand identity Online
  • Build top rankings in search engines


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    We believe we understand how to invest your hard-earned money into improving the quality, reputation of your business online presence. We have developed affordable SEO packages & plans, proven to rank you high on your keywords….


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    Contact us to discuss your expectations from your current site and let us explore your potential.It is much cheaper that you think.


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