E-Commerce Shopping System Development

With the popularity of the internet, more and more people are turning to the web for a variety of purposes. The internet has now become a major platform for everyone to buy and sell products. Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) websites are changing the people’s buying patterns and the way they interact with businesses where everyday millions of them buy products and services from online shops not only in their neighborhood but also national and globally.

The Right Partner

The right technology partner can accelerate your E-commerce projects and take you closer to your strategic goals, seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

For the most cases eCommerec websites usually eliminates many boundaries associated with a physical retail location and as mentioned can operate locally, nationally or worldwide and be within reach of virtually millions of potential customers. When done right, the store administration and customer purchase management, invoicing and other transactions are much simpler and more streamlined.

What are the benefits of having eCommerce website?online-shopping-website-development-toronto

Today’s consumers are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to fulfill their purchasing needs. The presence of an online store not only helps small businesses to retain their existing customers but also acquire new customers from other places farther than their service area. Here are some of the the benefits of having an eCommerce website in Toronto and GTA:

Faster & Easier Setup

Comparing to physical store, an E-commerce platform is much easier and faster to deploy and set up. There are many good pre-built ecommrec modules and themes on popular platforms which can be launched within weeks at reasonable rates.

Cheaper & Flexible

An commerce platform is much cheaper to deploy and does not require all the tasks related to brick-and-mortar locations. It is much flexible in term of product offering as new product types can be offered easily and with very low overhead.

Cost of Operation

One of the major benefits of selling online, specially for small business is reduced risk and reduced cost of operation, due to the smaller workforce required to operate the store.

Wider Customer Reach

An an eCommerce website can sell products or services locally or through a national or global platform and thus reach out to a much wider audience as compared to traditional commerce methods. As a result, a broader audience, could provide better sales potential and increased revenue.

Always Open

An eCommerce website ability to be open 24/7 will give your consumers more time to purchase your products at anytime at their convincing and throughout the day, night or weekend. This will too help in boosting sales and increasing revenue and provide better conversion rate due to the product or service availability

Categories of eCommerce websites

There are many types of eCommerce sites, chief among them listed below. The most common eCommerce website in Toronto, Canada relevant to small business are B2B and B2C.online-pharmacy-website-development-toronto

    • Business-to-Business (B2B)
      • which refers to having all transactions of goods and sales occur between two businesses.
    • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
      • most common form of e-commerce, where sales and deals happens between businesses and consumers.
    • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
      • Transactions between consumers, usually through social media sites of for example eBay, Facebook marketplace and Craigslist,etc.

Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

A Multi Vendor eCommerce website is a scenario or business model where a variety of products from different vendors are offered to shoppers. Each vendor can offer same products with different qualities and with competitive prices. Building competition among vendors encourages them to offer the best prices for their products, which will ultimately benefit your visitors. A multi-vendor marketplace website is usually based on commission business model where website owners will earn commission from every sale.


Features of eCommerce websites

As a small business owner if you want your eCommerce store to attract more traffic enabling you to sell more products, it must have its own identity, look and design needs to be attractive for your website visitors, basically you need to stand out of the crowd, also you need to engage  your customers.

Additionally, you need excellent back-end features to support your sales operations and administrative modules to support and engage customers. Planning out why and how to enter the eCommerce market and understanding your core offerings is the first step you need to take. Part of the planning is know what to ask for in your eCommerce website, besides the support of various purchasing workflow, other features you should consider includes:

Multi-device website

A responsive eCommerce websites offers great opportunities to increase sale as it support various screens types and works equally good on every browsers as well as mobile devices. Websites that conform to the individual user device and screen offers perfect user experience during the shopping process.

One-Page Checkout

One Page Checkout (also referred to as one-page shopping cart) makes it easier for customers to buy from any page by displaying both the product and checkout forms and options on a single page. This removes the product purchase multiple page flow and helps to faster conversion.

SEO-optimized eCommerce

There are many big players in the eCommerce market depending on your industry who spend millions of dollars for their digital marketing. Honestly, if you think you can outrank them, it won’t happen, sorry. We recommend you focus on ranking individual product and category pages instead and focus on less competitive terms.

Back-end Functionality

A powerful back-end module is required to ensure orders are recorded and fulfilled in a timely and effective manner. Additionally it should provide functions to updates of inventory levels, orders, shipments, payments, product descriptions and other valuable product and business information.

Payment Wallet & Gateways

All eCommerce platforms support standard payment models (i.e. credit, debit, Paypal), however  depending on your market and type of customer you may need to offer mobile payment services (also referred to as Mobile Wallet). Mobile Wallets such as Android pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay are becoming popular in various markets and among certain type of consumers.

Custom Reporting & Analyticslocal-search-engine-optimization-york-toronto

Custom product report lets you build your own reports by choosing dimensions and metrics you define as per your needs. Google analytics is an excellent place to connect your eCommerce site, to reveal sales trends and to influence future product promotions.

eCommerce Maintenance & Support

Ecommerce websites are a 24/7 live business stores where your customers can visit them at any time and from any place. It must be maintained and kept up to date with relevant information enabling your buyers to do secure transactions.

Custom eCommerce Development Services in Toronto

As a small business owner if you want your eCommerce store to attract more traffic enabling you to sell more products, it must its own identity, look and design to be attractive for your website visitors, basically you need to stand out of the crowd. Using a systematic approach and with more than 20 years of eCommerce development experience, our team of professional developers are ready to help your business with:


  • Custom eCommerce shopping system
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Store Management Solutions
  • Backup and Recovery Plans
  • Website design and API integration
  • eCommerce website  design and API integration,
  • Online Merchant Solutions
  • Business To Business Transaction Solutions
  • E commerce Data Migrations
  • Customized Modules for shipping and drop-shipping
  • Mobile Ecommerce App Development
  • Custom Point-Of-Sale (POS) System

Our eCommerce development experts in Toronto, Canada with in-depth knowledge of various market, can help you build online stores on multiple platforms including WordPress, Woo-commerce, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, BigCommerce and others.


We’re here to help

We offer efficient and cost effective e-commerce websites and sale platform development and solutions that are affordable, flexible & easy to use, secure and highly reliable.  Building an eCommerce web site is easier said than done, it not only require industry and market knowledge, but also requires technical expertise and up-to-date knowledge of technology and customer shopping trends.

From helping you identify the right shopping platform to developing a marketing strategy and building you an online sales platform, tailored to your needs and target market, we are here to help.  Our eCommerce consultants in Toronto and neighboring regions.


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    Contact us to discuss your expectations from your current site and let us explore your potential.It is much cheaper that you think.


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