Why Choose Us

Advances in technologies are creating exciting opportunities in every industry. Small business challenges can now be solved using big business solutions with the right infrastructure, management tools and workflows. We help businesses to get smarter by smart investing in new technologies.

The Right Partner

The right technology partner can accelerate your digital transformation projects and take you closer to your strategic goals, seamless and cost-

Implementing technology solutions for small business can be complex and often requires expertise and skills you may not have in-house. Your resources are critical, and your IT team may turn to short-term, outdated or manual processes that create operational inefficiencies.

Our advantages

Like in every projects where we strive to help our clients to understand their options for making the right decision for their technology need,  here we also want to help our clients to understand how we are different, so they can better make the decision on working with Dynathrone.

We emphasize on simplicity. Simplicity is not easy, it must be engineered from day one of every project.

We believe that we grow our business by helping you to maximizing your business. We want to have successful and satisfied customers who are recommend us to others, this is our only advertisement.

No Over Promising and Under Delivering

We do not over promise and under deliver. People forgive, but they hardly forget, at business or in personal life. Over promising and under delivering is the most certain way to lose your trust and therefore to lose your current and future business.  For us our integrity means standing by our word in everything we promise.

Passionate About Technology

We’re passionate about technology and what we do with it. We enjoy nothing more than learning the trends that technology is taking in order to utilize it for our clients to increase the efficiency of their workflows and their success.

We emphasize on simplicity. Simplicity is our answer to the problems faced when trying to build sophisticated workflows and business processes.  Simplicity is not easy, it is what we engineer  from day one of every project. We choose the simplest tool and technology that will effectively accomplish the task. As a result every part of the solution is faster, efficient and virtually require no maintenance.  We believe that complex  solutions and web applications are only produced by those who does not understand the technology.

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

With no fantasy office and latte-sipping sales staff ,we offer fair, transparent and affordable pricing at every stage of  a project as we believe that strong business relationships are built on transparency, trust and reliability. We are great at what we do, and our efficiency allows us to price our work competitively.

Established Expertise

Our team members have the credibility, expertise, skills and experience to represent both our clients and the industry perspective. We have build many custom software applications for companies of all sizes and withing various industries.

Guaranteed Quality

We take pride in what we do and are very passionate about our work. Therefore maintaining high quality on all deliverable are not something we are willing to compromise. We do not cut corners!

Highly Qualified Engineers

Our team of experts are scholars and university graduates and very good at what they do with theoretical background of the technologies they use, therefore they produce streamlined solutions that always works.

Broad Industry Experience

We have experience in many different industries, including healthcare, energy, oil and gas, transportation, retail and   wholesale and many more.

Our Fair Pricing Policy & Ethics

Our pricing philosophy is devised based on our cost plus a reasonable profit margin to allow for continued growth and development of our business and of our employees. Our driving philosophy is if we remains profitable, competitive and customer focused then our current and future customers will be secure and prosperous. Implementing these philosophies in our company promotes:

  • Commitment to Client Success
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Mutual Trust & Confidence
  • Excellent Customer Support


What we can do for you?

Our team of technology experts in Toronto and GTA can help you to make smart technology decisions for the purpose of driving down costs, increase revenue and innovate for the future. We equip your small business of any size with the tools and technology needed to build a connected workforce and meet the demands of your users.