The Healthcare Industry is going through an imperative transitions in the recent years. Digital health refers to the use of information technology (IT) and electronic communication tools, services and processes to deliver or facilitate health care services.medical-healthcare-software-application-development-toronto

Implementing a digital health solution for business or clinic can be challenging, from architectural platform to business and process change management platform. We can provide resources and expertise to support small business owners and administrators in implementing effective and cost-efficient solutions within digital health.

Integration of Digital Solutions in Health Care

Digital health and well-being solutions constitutes a combination of both software and hardware technologies with health care delivery and management, and requires expert knowledge in of a number of domains, from communication technologies, wearable devices to artificial intelligence where each are associated with dedicated data collection models.

The digital revolution from 1950s which is defined as the transition to electronic technology continues to this day and is having a growing impact on health care. Specially on the health care processes, health care costs, increasing health care quality, improving access to care as well as supporting personalized care.

Canadian Digital Health Data Protection & Privacy

Privacy and the protection of personal health information are a critical domain of digital health delivery to Canadians. Canadian provinces and territories has each their own privacy laws and regulations in place to which are designed to protect personal health information.

PIPEDA and HIPAA Compliant Apps

In Canada the federal law of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), is in many ways comparable to the HIPAA in the United States.  In Toronto, Dynathrone can help your organization with reviewing best practices for addressing the PIPEDA and HIPAA security rules, help you to establish an audit process and help your organization in providing evidence to prove PIPEDA and HIPAA compliance.

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Healthcare Mobility Solution

canada-rfid-nfc-industrial-inspection-applicationThe healthcare landscape is changing and health care providers are looking for ways to deliver more personalized care to their patients while improving communications within their care teams.  Patients want more efficient care and a better overall experience. The mobile devices give health care providers access to the tools and information they need exactly where it is needed and in a timely manner which contributes to the the clinical decision support systems.
In Toronto our team of engineers can help your organization to build a strategy for a healthcare mobility solution which is crucial to ensuring mobile devices are to provide the service and quality levels the clinic owner needs to deliver. It is needless to say the many employees tend to view IT policies and procedures as barriers that block their efficiency in the workplace. Therefore finding balance between too much and too little control is the key to a more efficient and secure clinical work environment.

Healthcare Mobile Device Security

Utilizing mobility within clinical health care environments comes with significant security concerns. Business owners or employees in some cases tend to use low-code platforms (i.e. online form builder, online document storage, online collaboration tools, etc.) to assist their organization in developing workflows that quickly allow to increase efficiency to certain points organizations without being aware of their security implications.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

For medium to large health care organizations the Enterprise Mobility Management is a viable option for managing a mobile strategy. EMM solutions can cover COBO (Company Owned, Business Only), COPE (Company Owned, Personally Enabled), CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), and BYOD (Bring your own device ) strategies and ensure that all devices are adhering to established privacy and security protocols.

Healthcare Mobile Solutionswebsite-security-performace-optimize-toronto

Health care providers in Toronto can benefit from a wide range of mobile applications and mobile solutions within the industry which includes:

  • Clinical & Medical Apps
  • Patient Management
  • Clinic Management
  • Clinic Information Portal
  • Clinical Infotainment Systems
  • Online form Processing
  • IoT Device Integration

How we can help?

Organizations need to have a solid mobile strategy in order to successfully deploy mobile devices and mobility applications to ensure that they are being used efficiently and securely  as well as all networked devices are secure and HIPAA compliant (if required). The usability of mobile applications determines its success.

Designing health care mobile applications that meet the needs of users isn’t just about creating a sleek interface.  Our team of engineers can help your business to develop a healthcare strategy for your mobility needs and consult with you on the best practices within the ever evolving mobile market. For example with can help your business to tap into the vast verity of Open Source environment. Open source software can give your healthcare organization flexibility and scalability in your IT infrastructure while allowing you to bring the cost of development to a fair minimum.



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