Pre-built Small Business Web Solutions

In the era of digital transformation, a business must adapt new technologies as the today’s customers expect innovative digital experiences and services. Dynathrone have developed Pre-built (ready-made) web and mobile applications dedicated to help small businesses to scale up quickly and cost-efficiently. These applications are developed using best practice business model for every industry and addresses specific challenges within that industry including provincial & federal compliance and regulatory requirements set forth by regulatory

Solutions tailored to your business sector

Every business process and workflow is unique and therefore as part of our service we offer to customize the pre-build software applications to your specific needs, requirements and generally adapt it to your current business  model. If your business model deviate drastically from the traditional model and industry norm, then we will provide you with everything you need to help you decide on investing in a customized application.

Set yourself apart from your competitors by giving your customers professional online web or mobile applications and to your staff a platform to grow your business.

If you decided to go with custom software or mobile app development, we can provide you a quote or you can hire us to conduct and full business analysis of your business and compile a set of documents that clearly states your requirements. The criteria that we set forth in these documents will help you to select your software application and the software vendor.  You can also use these requirements to perform and test and QA to ensure you have selected the right platform for your.

Benefits of Pre-built applications

Reduced time to benefit: Faster configuration & deployment, the web or mobile application  is launched faster, usually within few weeks

Lower upfront cost: The cost of customizing and deploying a ready-made application is significantly lower than customized  software applications

Best Practice: Applications are designed and developed using the best practice and optimized business model within each industry

Latest technology: you get the best technology as typically specialists are constantly tune and optimizing it.

Full Ownership: Ownership belongs to your business, it is not leased or license based, it is a valuable  asset for the company.

Data Safety: Your data is controlled by you only and is safe as it does not reside on shared databases.

Customization: Applications can be customized to your specific needs and specification

Tested and proven: Tested and proven by a large user base

Live application: The application is being constantly improved as new functionalities added. Costs and effort associated with improvements are covered by the maintenance plan.

Upgrade & New releases: The upgrade of the solution is available to all customers as part of the maintenance.

Low Maintenance:  Maintenance costs are reduced  since the environment usually is split among all customers using the solution.

Integration: Applications seamlessly integrate with a wide verity of  online services.

List of Pre-built Web-based Cloud Applications

  1. Online Staff Time And Attendance Software

    Online time and attendance, staff scheduling and more, it will cut labor costs and automate worker attendance. Can be integrated with your existing accounting and payroll system.

  2. Help Desk, Support and Ticketing Software

    Take your Customer Service to the Next level. A self-hosted, cost-efficient and feature packed Customer Support & Messaging System, which includes ticketing, File Manager, Email Notifications, Canned Responses and more. Request a demo.

  3. Intranet and Back-Office Online Websites

    Intranet software help organizations to connect and engage with employees to boost productivity, increase retention, and drive engagement.
    With online access, employees can stay in touch with changes in the organization, read news, decisions and collaborate in groups, events & polls
    Organizations can manage & measure business requirements through the Content Management, integration & built-in analytics. Request a demo.

  4. Front Office and Listing Management for Real Estates

    It connects everyone in a brokerage and streamlines all activities, agent messaging, property bookings, appointment scheduling and everything else that a busy real estate office needs. Everything from capturing office leads to tracking the sale is handled in one user-friendly system.

  5. Online Service Scheduling and Booking system

    From medical and health care appointment scheduling software to workforce appointment scheduling, out team of experts can offer you the most cost efficient solution which takes your business to the next level.  The application offers web-based customer-facing functionality so that clients can schedule appointments online while staff can manage these appointments on the back-end.

  6. Help Desk, Support and Ticketing Software

    Take your Customer Service to the Next level. A self-hosted, cost-efficient and feature packed Customer Support & Messaging System, which includes ticketing, File Manager, Email Notifications, Canned Responses and more. Request a demo.

  7. Small Business Payment & Invoice Management

    Send estimates, accept online payments and various credit cards,powerful reports with insights about your business. Various versions are available of these type of software are available depending on the industry.

  8. Healthcare Clinic Management Online Application

    Web-based medical billing and practice management application for small practices enabling clinics to schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, archive and scan documents and more

  9. Fitness Management Software for Gyms & Studios

    Fitness Management Software for Gyms, Personal Trainers and Studios to manage every corner of your fitness business and to bring all business processes together in one intuitive platform.

  10. Online Order Management Mobile App

    Intuitive order taking and order tracking on any mobile device with smart marketing and personalized cross-sell and up-sell offers, view past orders, outstanding debts and your best-selling products to per customer and store and customer preferences,  maintain up-to-date product inventory and more

  11. Cloud based Business Productivity Software Suite

    Cloud based Customer Relationship Management, project management, time tracking and billing for freelancers, consultants and teams. Request a demo.

  12. Mobile Inspection System with Back-office Analytics

    Secure Mobile Inspection System with online web-based Analytics and back-office to connect your front-line inspectors and manage your customers and inspection locations, all  in one place to bring efficiency and security of your operations. Maximize the power of your resources by making your security inspection operations as efficient as possible.

Request Information or Contact for Free Demo

Drawbacks of Pre-built softwarebitcoin-mining-consulting-advise-toronto

Limited Functionality: Pre-built software is usually robust in its functionality and capabilities. However if your business have unique requirements
or you are coming from an industry with ever-changing needs, there might not be much room to accommodate your unique business needs. These constraints can reduce productivity and growth versus custom-tailored software solutions.

Incompatibility: Pre-built applications may not be compatible with some other programs, devices, or products that are being used by your company today or planned in the future.  Though connectivity to other systems used in your business can in some cases be solved using third party middle-ware solutions.

The Build versus Buy software decision

The Build versus Buy software decision ultimately depends to your business goals and priorities, time to market,
and cost. In many cases we are able to provide you a test run of the pre-build application you are interested in, this will help you to
better evaluate your options.


Ready-Made Website and Web Applications

If you need a pre-built website theme where you just enter your own data and logo, please have a look at the page below. Her we listed most of our ready-to-go  websites themes which has everything you need to lunch a professional website.

Click here for List of Ready-Made Website Themes

Let’s talk.

Every business wants to do more in less time. Our affordable pre-built productivity software applications make your organization efficient and help to grow faster.  Contact us and discuss your business need with our team of experts, chances are that we already have the applications and the framework you need. You will only buy licenses and support plans which are significantly cost-efficient than developing customized applications.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to get a better idea about which way to go.

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