Search Engine SEO Penalty Removal

SEO Detox & Google Penalty Removal

There are many reasons that your site get penalized by google or other search engine providers, for example if someone have been playing by the so called Black Hat techniques on the site or basically your site is for some reason violating Google’s quality guidelines.

Additionally your site may have one or more bad backlinks. Link recovery or link detoxing is very important as it is a huge set back for your site’s SEO ranking.

Removing Penalty & Get Genuine Links

SEO detox and Google penalty removal involves intensive back-link analysis and trying out different tools to aid link recovery,  finding ways to contact webmasters and ultimately streamline the process of getting all bad or spammy links removed.

Recovering from Google Manual Penalty

According to Google’s documentation: The Manual Actions report lists instances where a human reviewer has determined that pages on your site are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

We can fix Google’s Manual penalty for example when you received an email from Google Search Console Team about unnatural inbound links that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines or other related issues.


How we can help?

We will identify the penalty cause and do our best to get natural links, remove bad links from your site ans basically help recover from Google penalty in Toronto and Greater Area. SEO penalty removal and repairing an infected website could sometimes be very time consuming as it requires thorough checking of each and every link.

Our team of SEO experts in Toronto can also help your company for your Google Recovery when you site is hit by  a Manual Penalty.

Contact us and let us have a look onto your website, we can then talk about how to start repairing and even improving your ranking.