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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Standards

Each of the AODA standards has rules for different sectors of the economy. The standards govern organizations that Offer goods, services, or facilities and employ Ontario workers or provide accommodation as well as own or use a building or other premises and operate a business here in Toronto and within the province of Ontario

Five AODA standards currently exists:

  • The Information and Communications Standards.

  • The Employment Standards

  • The Transportation Standards

  • The Design of Public Spaces Standards

  • The Customer Service Standards

New AODA standards are currently being developed:

  • The Health Care Standards

  • The Education Standards

For more information please visit AODA website here:    Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act


Is our website in Toronto AODA compliant?

You have to analyze your websites or web applications in order to see whether or not they are compliant with the guidelines and standards provided in AODA.

User accessibility is crucial and having a non-compliant website. Our team of accessibility experts can help your organization to ensure that you websites and other web applications are in compliance with AODA and other standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We provide document that assess your compliance and identify sections and elements that do not meet the standard or falls outside the legal guidelines.

The AODA test and analyze document will provide a guide line to your organization in order to get the compliance.  If you prefer, our team of accessibility programmers in Toronto, Ontario can rectify the accessibility issues in your web application and monitor  your web sites as a long term solution to stay compliant.



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