The rapid growth of the smartphone market, mobile development is currently one of most after-sought trend in the industry. Please read on to see why you should also be on this wagon, if not already.

Why Do I Need Mobile App?app-development-andriod-iphone-toronto-small

There are many reasons to develop mobile applications, the following factors that usually influence the operation of your organization may lead to the need for building mobile applications:

  • Regulatory and legal changes
  • Social requirements changes
  • Customers or Clients needs/requests
  • Changes in technology or business model
  • Process Improvements and enhancements
  • Rectification to processes/products/services


Why Should You Go Mobile?

There are many reasons to develop a mobile strategy for your business, from customer engagement to providing customer service and support,  promoting sale of products and informing customers of  the news in your business and industry, all can contribute to major growth of the organization.

For your customers

Increased Recognition

Building customer loyalty is a crucial aspect of marketing and can be achieved by developing a connection between the customer and the brand through moderate reminders and notifications which potentially create awareness about the products and services that are offered by the business.

More value to the customers

Your customer gets more value for the products and services they purchased due to availability of the data and information.

Online Support & Service

Customers feels Enhance Communication

Creates Awareness And The App Makes The Sale

Mobile apps are quicker, more interactive and easier to navigate compared to websites, the availability of an app for your business will probably nudge the customer to choose you for their purchase.

Grater Visibility

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in how people look for products and services. They now prefer to look up stuff on their smartphones while travelling, waiting for an appointment and even during their leisure time.  A Mobile application gives you greater visibility because also because on Google Play or Apple Store there is significantly low competition as compared to search engines.

Having an idea is one thing. Knowing your users will love it is another.


For your Employee

Better employee engagement

Connect Better with Customers
Effective engagement also allows businesses to come up with diverse strategies that help maintain and nurture top talent.

Boosts Brand Recognition

Build a Stronger Brand
When it comes to advertising, there is so much happening that it’s difficult to get your business to stand out. Newspaper ads, outdoor hoardings, flashy sign boards, social media marketing… every other business is doing it. The uniqueness required to build a brand is very much la

Increased employee Productivity

e committed to working more flexibly in order to get the best out of staff and
Networking and collaborative working can be undertaken anytime,

Responsive Sales Team

While websites help to create brand awareness, mainly through social media, the actual sale is incurred with the app.  Also due  availability of the app your sales team will be more responsive as they can process transaction almost everywhere.

Boost Profits

When customer satisfaction increases, sales typically do too. In fact, according to SalesForce, 70 percent of buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated.




    Many businesses dive into offering mobile app functionality to their customers without truly understanding the difference between each approach. The right path for your company depends on a variety of factors…………


    Native mobile applications typically offer rich user experience because they blend well with the device’s environment and are able to use features native to the device’s operating system such as Andriod or iOS).


    Web apps are relatively easy to develop and maintain due to use of common code base across multiple mobile platforms. They have however have a much smaller scope when it comes to leveraging device features and hardware.


    Hybrid apps combine the benefits of web and native types of mobile approaches. They are programmed using web technologies, but are packaged as native ones. Hybrid apps can be written for many mobile operating systems can be distributed and installed through app stores, like native software.


How we can help?

Building a mobile app must be accompanied by metrics and measurements to track success and to establish best practices. That is the only way to ensure the goals are realized, but to make sense of the collected data and to find meaning in all of those metrics requires a team of experts.

We develop Web, Mobile and Enterprise software applications and provide you with full-cycle services in analysis, design, app development, quality assurance, deployment and support. Talk to us in Toronto and find out more.

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