Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to technical connectivity of all physical devices and platforms through internet, enable them to exchange data, sometime in real-time. The aspect includes everyt objects from machines, vehicles, smart phones, wearable devices, home appliances and more including humans!Toronto-small-business-ready-made-software-solutions

IoT concept define the way for devices having sensors to exchange data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Bluetooth LE, NFC, RFID and more. IoT applications usually work as a bridge between devices, enabling physical devices and their application within to communicate with each other.


What are the benefits of the Internet of Things for business?

Many of clients ask “What Can I do with Internet Of Things and How does my business benefits?”, Well,  the benefits of the IoT for businesses depend on their industry and the the particular solution. If you can use the data collected by the products you sell or through the services you offer, then you it provide greater ability to collect and analyze the data for the purpose of advancing your products and streamlining your processes. Examples of how your business in Toronto and nibouring areas can benefit form IoT includes:

Internet Of Things evolution

In 1999 Kevin Ashton a technology pioneer at the MIT coined the term “Internet Of Things”. What helped the IoT was among other things the adoption of passive RFID tags, the increasing availability of broadband internet and cellular wireless networking and finally the adoption of IPv6 protocol which provided enough IP addresses for every device the world.

  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Improve Supply Chain Management
  • Customer proximity Engagement
  • Personal customer discount and offers
  • Personalized travel experiences
  • Audio & video product description
  • Tour and local area navigation system
  • Contextual information system for facilities
  • Context aware Information system
  • Voice controlled smart appliances
  • Voice enabled business processes
  • Smart Maintenance and Predict failures
  • Track equipment with RFID tagging
  • Enable smart and predictive maintenance

What are different categories of Internet Of Thins (IoT)?

The IoT implementation and solutions can be divided into two major categories or industry segments:

artificial-intellignce-apps-toronto-industrial-peelIndustrial Internet Of Things (Industrial IoT)

Industrial or industry-specific offers utilizing sensors, smart switches, automation, Remote I/O and real-time location systems to streamline and processes in various industries such as healthcare, Manufacturing, asset management, preventive and predictive maintenance systems; securing solutions and so on.

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Consumer Internet Of Tings ( Consumer IoT)

Consumer IoT on the other is more concerned for our environment, our homes, offices and vehicles and enabling us to live and work smarter and more efficient. For example Smart assistants (i.e. Amazon’s Echo,  Google Home) makes it easier to read books, listen music, control light bulbs, set timers, control heating & cooling thermostats; get information, monitor home security systems and manage smart plugs to turn on coffee machines , TV and so on.

What are the benefits of the Internet of Things for consumers?

Manufacturers are adding various sensors to their products so that they can transmit back data about the usage and performance of their products and to make them efficient and more useful. Consumers can benefits in various ways, including:

The Internet of Things maintains harmony through a network of machines and interconnect humans to the things and digital information systems around us.

  • Increased insight and convenience
  • Product Personalization
  • Enhanced Experience
  • Better Responsive Services
  • Faster Decision-Making processes
  • Smarter safety and security
  • Remote control & automation
  • and many more


What does IoT Project and Implementation Include?

Development  of Internet of Things projects and implementations requires a broad range of technical people with proficiency in various technologies.From peoples with big data analytics skillets, embedded electronic engineers to embedded software development skills all are are especially involved in a IoT project and product implementation.  A Typical IoT development projects includes:startup-software-development-service-canada

  • IoT Solution architecture
  • IoT Application development
  • IoT Implementation & support
  • IoT Middle-ware Integration
  • IoT Gateway development
  • IoT Device connectivity
  • IoT Security design
  • Voice Enabled technologies
  • IoT Cloud connectivity
  • IoT Maintenance and support


How we can help?

IoT is our fascination, our people actually started designing and implementation automation solutions from since 1985. As a prominent IoT solution provider in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, we offers high quality IoT solution design and development services based in various industry verticals. Why don’t you just contact us and lets have  a cup of coffee and we show how we can your business and answer the questions you have.

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