Machine Learning

toronto-virtual-reality-software-solutionsAs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies  has rapidly grown and diversified, the opportunity for businesses to apply machine learning solutions to their workflows has vastly increased. Machine learning systems can solve a broad range of practical problems for Toronto businesses and can dramatically improve the customer experience, reduce cost of operation, and drive workflow speed and process automation.


Examples include automated pricing and demand forecasting of products, predicting eCommerce sale probabilities, ranking topic search results, voice recognition, automated support and conversational systems and many more.




Some AI trends are the following:artificial-intellignce-apps-toronto-industrial-peel

  • Predicting user behaviors
  • Integration of AI with IoT
  • AI-enabled facial recognition
  • AIOps for automated IT operations
  • Smart camera with subject identification
  • High app reliability for cyber security
  • Language and voice translations




Let’s Talk

Most business in Toronto and GTA have challenges understanding and applying  the power of Machine Learning for a meaningful  business results. One of the reason is that the technology is nascent and could get more mature, however, waiting for the full fledged machine learning solutions could also mean missing opportunities. Our team is always passionate about utilizing new technologies, tapping on our our technical capabilities and experience we can help Canadian businesses achieve value by implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions within their organization.

Discuss your project idea with our machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers today, and see what this emerging technology  has to offer to your business and your industry.

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